The best soccer Match Barcelona 5- Madrid 0 (Full Match)

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Barcelona Thrashing Madrid. This is the one of the greatest games in football that I will remember for the right reason. Apologies for the quality. The one I had was in good HD quality but youtube has converted it for some odd reasons. try this link:


dybala paulo_10 says:


Random football says:


claw master spongebob says:


Ethel Suarez says:

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Γιαννης ΜΕΚΟΣ says:


Krish Dusoruth says:

????? Fuck barcelona with the dickhead messi

Laval Vallare says:

Do you know that in American there is an unwritten rule that Blacks are not allowed to play soccer.

korean byte says:

Waiting for 2018/19 season to start.

Patrick Grandon says:

The best soccer match is Real Madrid 5 – Barcelona 0 hat trick by Zamorano

armani boss says:

cool and bad

MdEnjamuk Khan says:

kivabe hoyre


i wanted to be there


it is a long games

Claire Cho says:

i call this sport soccer…

trotman Family says:


Anny Farhan says:


Prashant Garg says:

i am messi i think because i am play like messi

Prashant Garg says:

very good playing i am fan of messi

Ben Bottomley says:

Only the closest ones are the best.

abby haney says:

Real Madrid has great defense, but the Barcelona offense was hard to get the ball off of towards the middle to end of the game.

Riot says:

Wow! Great game. I wish I was there.


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Shayla Sanchez says:

I love soccer ⚽️

WhyAreYouWatchingThis says:

Remember that?

WhyAreYouWatchingThis says:

Hey! Real Madrid ALSO beat Barca 11-1

ahmad qaddour says:

Dude I am a savage

Jorge Priego says:

Ja! Qué pedazo de BAILE, ARRASTRADA y HUMILLACION!!!!! Barcelona= futbol arte, la escencia del buen futbol. Real Madrid= impotencia, incapacidad, deslealtad, limitaciones, busca excusas, antideportivismo. En otras palabras: simplemente una bola de cerdos caza piernas comandada por un sobrevaluado pero incapaz DT

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