Barcelona Summer Transfer Window 2018 Round-Up

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There’s lots to discuss surrounding Barça’s transfer window so far. After wrapping up deals for Arthur Melo and Clement Lenglet. There’s also been reported interest in Adrien Rabiot, Willian, Eden Hazard and N’golo Kante. Whilst potential exits could be on the horizon for Yerry Mina and Andre Gomes.


TalkFCB says:

Here’s the latest on our window so far, including some things that I missed while I was away. Let me know your thoughts guys!

VárSuRviVaLツ says:

Forca Barca !

Adarsh starboyZz says:

Thanks for giving us the news

Debraj Biswas says:

confirm willian

Debraj Biswas says:

plz get rabiot in

Ishan Purnapatre says:

Where are u? Why have the videos slowed down!

Simon Kidane says:

Omg rabiot is such an average midfielder, we already have players like rafinha and denis that are better than him

things are way complicated so stop judging says:

real madrid are way better than us when it comes to transfer market 🙁

ultimate soccer says:

We should buy a good forward more

Jose Iniguez says:

Paulinho went for 35 and William is twice as good

Phylisa Mc Conney says:

Willan is a waste of time 30age 55million big mistake

Innobert Dumerant says:

Barcelona dream team
Dembele Suarez Messi
Coutinho Ratkic Arthur
Abla Pique Lenget Digue
Ter stegen

Innobert Dumerant says:

William need to stay in Chelsea do not come barcelona you will waste time for dembele and that not fair get Hazard for mediefilder

Abraham Rico says:

No willian showed his true colors as choke artist in the World Cup . You had a better chance at finding Waldo than finding him on the pitch. Chelsea can keep him ?‍♂️

Isaac Otshudi says:

hazard is aselfish player ,he better not come to barca,or I will hit him with the bottle myself on the head, can't fit at barca, is the reason Belgium couldn't go forward because he wasn't passing to lukaku Everytime they asked him the ball

Isaac Otshudi says:

willian is better than hazard and he proved that over and over again in champion league against Barcelona

Slim Ray says:

I'd rather have bale than hazard

Slim Ray says:

kante, thiago

Ao Mb says:

I love Barca to Death but they have really destroyed Andre Gomez, I still think he is an amazing player, but could not show his potential at all in barca.. so sad!

Kris I. says:

We don’t Williams , Dembele stays , Paul Pogba comes and Eden hazard .

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