Liverpool vs Roma 5-2 Highlights 24/04/2018 HD

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Liverpool 5-2 AS Roma – Highlights HD
Liverpool 5Liverpool Roma Champions League
Liverpool vs Roma Highlights 24/04/2018 Salah, Mané, Firmino 2, Dzeko, Perotti-2 Roma – Sintesi HD


gols & highlights football says:

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Robomonkey101 says:

Absolutely deadly towards the middle and end of this seeason.

tunmise ogunwuyi says:

watchiNG cause of manny

Ali Mashhour says:

The golden days. I miss this Salah

Shanu Rajput says:

Barca would have defeated Liverpool

SA M says:

Great player Mo Salah .

Ad e says:

All of mo’s work is forgotten this season by undeserving fans

Irina Vodianova says:

legenda kaže da se prečka zbog Kolarova još trese

Irina Vodianova says:

I cringe and remember GER:FRA game and terrorists, when Salah starts to pray… I mean do it at home, here just play football

Fan Site says:

The Salah in this video is lost somewhere. Hope he is found again someday…

Hafizsck 24 says:

Great offensive play ever from us 👏

pierre brd says:

Amazing player for amazing goals, yet terrible celebrations . He ruined it all acting like the nice one. Mo Salah, you play for Liverpool.

Jim Carry says:


Hassan Shahid says:

great video

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