FC Barcelona Training Session

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Percy Plant says:

Wouldn't everyone looove to join in

Akar Ahmed says:

im amazing arent i

geluloid says:

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mfacktor says:

We just call it "All-time-offense"

Rodrigo Evangelista says:

Espetacular esta forma de trabalhar!!!!!!

Christian Acosta says:

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xFusionz TheBestClan says:

not being funny, but in england, you call it a floater, and don't say I don't know football, because I play for a club in division 1, and have trials for York City so..


[] Universo [ i ];

courage544 says:

I'm guessing Valdez's team lost, haha.

Greek Ultras Power GUP says:

with this football barca won 4 CL bitch

antoinette White says:

Don't worry we call it soccer here in Ireland too!

ctr36096 says:

Only call it soccer on a daily basis because i live in the states..

bart scott says:

follow me on instagram @d3ric

poe reh says:

Hollow everybody

poe reh says:

Can you gave for me sport date?

Adam Salamanca says:

Did I really just see Sanchez appeal for that? 05:50 haha

poe reh says:

They dons't have coach

poe reh says:

Why the Barcelona loses

20707523 says:

It is the only way that the teams are evenly matched.

Lu says:

shut the fuck up go kill urself nobody will be sad

CurveFusionz412 says:

@1996intervention. Actually it was. I did a report on it

Chano Roriguez says:

Ok. So you're saying the Wiki is just making things up then? My claim was that the word soccer originated from England, which according to the wiki is correct. I'm not claiming the English call it Soccer today.

Chano Roriguez says:


"The term soccer originated in England, first appearing in the 1880s as an Oxford "-er" abbreviation of the word "association".[6]"

If you will scroll down to the "Etymology and names" section, you will find this after the first paragraph last sentence.

I'm from Brazil, we call it "Futebol". I sometimes call it socker when I'm lazy, but we DEFINITELY know about "Football". If you doubt that, count the stars on our jerzeys.

wildthing says:

Valdes is such an average keeper

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