Is it possible to sign Cristiano Ronaldo for Barcelona in FIFA 18 Career Mode?

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Today it’s time for a FIFA 18 experiment video as we seek to discover whether or not it’s possible to sign Cristiano Ronaldo to Barcelona in FIFA 18 career mode.

In the last few years it has not been possible to sign Ronaldo for Barcelona from Real Madrid in the game; this year the transfer negotiation system has been completely overhauled though, so it’s time to test things out once again and seek to discover whether or not that has now changed for FIFA 18.

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Jacob Liszka says:

He changed his settings so he can run faster, shoot faster , pass faster, you can clearly see that his players are losing there energy more faster

Kinetix says:

Sing neymar for FC juv and sing messi

Laughter Management says:

You should be a commentator

Daniel Younan says:

I already have him ;-;

Melted Lava says:

Is it possible to Sign Mohammed salah to real Madrid or Barcelona

Mikkel Moegelvang says:

Is it just me or is there elektronomia-the other side background music

Walid Jallal says:

how do you sign Ronaldo in Barcelona

Kathleen Watson says:


Paul Bilodeau says:

Well have you ever tried to get messi on portagul

star musician says:

You should become a commentator

Lone Wolf says:

takes a shit penalty blames it on Ronaldo hhahaha

Gabriela Maldonado says:

Wheres the neymer

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