THE END OF CAREER MODE 2032 – FIFA 18 (All Best Players and Regens)

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10000 LIKES 🙂 How Career Mode ends in FIFA 18? I’m in the final season my Career Mode, and everything is different right now. Neymar already retired and young promising players like Rashford and Gabriel Jesus are close to retirement…. Amazing!!!


JoseManu says:

Hey guys, welcome back…. This time I'm in the final season of Career Mode in FIFA 18, 2032….

We have no more Ronaldo, Messi, and even best players in their primes like Neymar, Hazard and James Rodriguez already retired!!! and young promising players like Rashford, Gabriel Jesus and Dele Alli are close to retire… Amazing!!!

Best Players in 2032 and their regens included!!! Thanks for your support, LIKE 🙂

Adnan Bendris1080p says:

how to find the regens?

Meme Lord69 says:

I mean atleast when all the world class players retire you can get players easily who are exactly like them (playstyle not look obviously)

Meme Lord69 says:

Let me guess arsene wenger still manages arsenal even though he's nearly 90 lol

Luis Aguilar says:

What If u did player career mode for as long as possible and then u did manager mode for as long as possible would still end in 2032?

Kaung Hlyan says:

But those refrees don't get old, do they? ??

Gemma - Maria Youssef says:

5:07 auba regen

MATTI's says:

De ligt go’s to barca not real Madrid

Andrea Apuzzo says:

Rog isn't a regen. He plays for SSC Naples

Yassine Saïdi says:

Looks like by 2032 PSG are still not able to go past the quarter-finals "curse".

Cmon Gaming says:

Manager Career is The Best?

Hubert Wilk says:

Fojut 92 XDDDDDD

そむ そむ says:

Pep never die‼︎

Toni Ivesic says:

Marko Rog is not Modrić regen je is a Player from napoli

Elis Moraes says:

Marko Rog is a real player!!!!

Jelmerdo says:

Malcom has a wage of 7 fucking million

Alex Garcia says:

What are the name of both of the songs? (Somebody please respond ?)

Godz player says:

Rog isn't the modric regen

Mayuresh Bhopi says:

What is a player regen?

Manu e davidess channel says:

Marko rog is an real player

Francisco Bordin Lucena Borges says:

Onde time i i purchased the Messi regen and the Suarez regen the both were better than they normal players……….

野獣と化したサラー says:

What “REGEN” means?
Tell me please

ZaZa Bleach says:

Even Messi's regen doesnt leave spain ??

Vlakna says:

What's the music in the beginning?

Лука says:

Same position, same nationality? Very funny.

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