FC Barcelona Tiki Taka vs Real Madrid (21/11/2015) ● Pure Football

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Some tiki taka and long possesions vs Real Madrid last saturday.

“Barcelona on the playground here”, Phil Schoen.

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Music: Ludovico Einaudi – Primavera (SizzleBird Remix)


p challen says:

The pass from Busquets at 1:59

Fhrhfhfh Teyitftz says:


Scykick says:

Was it really necessary to put the music in?

Novaa says:

Audio is slightly behind

Istvan Hornyak says:

Easy to tikitaka when the opponent only waiting for the mistake to counter-attack rapidly from it. See how Barcelona play tikitaka when the other team pushed them. E.g Roma yesterday. So don't make joke about Real Madrid because their tactic was different. Cheers, a Barca fan.

sarif sheikh says:

barca destroying madrid like baby😂😂

Roman Riq says:

Entrenamiendo al Bernabeu 😂😂
Ps: wow spectacular video, very beatiful

Anna Zulaiha says:

real madrid dijadiin ayam, cuma bengong gak dikasih bola sama banci wkwkqk
visca barca

Yaxye Qadraani says:

Tika Taka forca barca💪💪

Jamil Ebrahimi says:



the music was just right!

Anass Nachet says:


DAMNit says:

kings of Tiki taka is Busquets – Xavi – Alves – Messi ❤ and inesta – Alba

Fàbregas Thierno says:

The best team in football history

Arnab Maji says:

That's the difference between normal football and Barça-Style football.

André Luiz says:

Que aula meuzamigos

mo salah says:

busi was brilliant in this game.controlling tempo perfectly.

Alcides barros says:

Grande Barca, un equipo que sustenta su juego, en todo lo que el fútbol tiene de poetico

Roberto Pedraza Aguilar says:

cuando el video de la remontada ?

Omkar kale says:

madrid players are tired running behind barca midfielders since a decade.

nomoreserfs says:

For those that call Tiki Taka boring, I would have to disagree. Look at the goals that result from being patient and maintaining pocession using quick passing to finding the right openings. Tiki Taka is beautiful!

Lëo Messi says:

Footbal art

WSBCN69 says:

On es la piloteta ??

Juan Felipe says:

madrileños aprendan esto si es fútbol no es comprar por comprar esto es filosofía que viene desde hace tiempos no como el Madrid solo fichar el jugador del momento uds pueden ganar copas pero su fútbol es asqueroso esto si es futbol grande el barca <3

PSB says:

cr7 is boss the small boy isn't

Loukas FCB says:


Dani Da Silva says:

The domination of Barcelona in this game was just too much. It was emberassing for Real Madrid and their fans haha. It really was like a training for Barcelona. And Messi wasn't even on the pitch in the first half!

Carson Jeffris says:

What were the possession stats for this game

Nurlan Skorpion says:

😂😂😂 👍👍👍

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