Atlético Madrid vs FC Barcelona – Highlights 12-09-2015 (HD/HFR)

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Atlético Madrid vs FC Barcelona – Highlights 12-09-2015 (HD/HFR)
Atlético Madrid vs FC Barcelona – Highlights 12-09-2015 (HD/HFR)




harun wagura says:

Jimenez knows he is wrestling with a ghost. LOL

Mehbob Pasha says:

In the end poor lady so sad ?.

XX XN says:

Marc and Jan are the two best goal keepers in the world now

Sudeep Sanjay says:

That look on the atletico fan girl had ????

miRS _# says:

That commentator is crying? Eats alot of shit while comentating

jakid l says:

We need back msn

dungen of dragons says:

Messi is greatest ever. Though I was ronaldo fan but after watching football for 2 years I am messi fan. I thought Ronaldo was best because he was tall and strong but I now know that football is not about physicality.

anailson mendes says:

Neymar free kicki show

Blerman97 Blerman97 says:

Messi tap in goal


Laliga commentator are worst. THey are more of a fan than commentor

Weslei Rufino says:

– Repórter : por que não comemorou o gol do Fernando Torres ?
– Simone : Vi Messi no aquecimento .
Resultado Messi entrou e virou o jogo …

Que saudades do Vicente Calderón

Tonci Babajko says:

oaj slobodnjak je zakon

honda motorbike power says:

booooooooooo barcelona

Bokeh Jawla says:

nice goal for leo

Virak NMJ_11 says:

I love fc Barcelona

Nosa Tunde-Osayande says:

#Neymar got swagg

Bernard says:

6:33 thah guy in the middle LOL

Rich 91 says:

goldeen is amazing

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