El Clasico – Real Madrid vs Barcelona (Fights, Fouls, Red Cards)

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Matsung Temjen says:

Real Madrid should be in rugby

Ayaz Hossain says:

3:37 1:42 7:10 ACTORS?

dianS03 says:

Barca better than RM…

Leide Tania says:

Nomes da musica

Mal Matue says:

I hate Pepe so much.

Rudi Wijaya says:

Real ??????

UK Boxing Blogger News says:

The editor of this video is a Barcelona fan as there has been 5-0 drummings the other way recently

Shella Nurayu says:

Gak ngerti bola, cuma ini muncul di timeline. Barca ni banyak dramanya deh, kalah drakor —“

Азат Азеке says:

Барса ?

Jash Varshney says:

At least now players have grown up. Classicos are clean

Erwin Wijaya says:


Khriebeizo Mere says:

Murinho though… ?? in the end. LMAO

Luis Javier Gonzales says:

Como siempre Madrid jugando sucio con sus defensas tan irónicos , veo más faltas del Madrid qué del Barça ?

The Uz King says:

I miss those times ?

Rabo Biliki says:


فهد المحمد says:

ماراح تفهمون علي ايري بمدريد

VMC says:

Biggest cheaters in the history of football.. real Madrid

jay 420 says:

Lmao messi kicked the ball and the madristas got mad ??

Frengky Simarmata says:

Mnit 5 5 lucky

Jeremiah Skine says:

Pinto was everywhere in hulk mode hehe

Sandip Roy says:

I see most of these fight happen when Barcelona is winning. Wow.

Zhan Zhango says:

барса спецом так играл,это тактика пепа
коснулся упал

Anil Rai Rai says:

Real madrid all fauf not good

Jonathas Almeida says:

A diferença de Real e Barça e Real madrid sempre vai ser maior do q o barça

Cesar Juarez says:

I love how inesta always looked out for messi he always put himself in between everyone for messi

Mohamed Mokhtar says:

El clascio not football it’s politics

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