Heart of a Lio: The amazing animated short film by Gatorade

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When Leo Messi has a dream to chase, nothing can stop him. Here’s Heart of a Lio, the amazing animated short film by Gatorade Enjoy it!

Cuando Messi tiene un sueño, nada puede detenerlo.
Disfruta del corto de Gatorade sobre Leo

Quan Messi té un somni, res el pot aturar.
Gaudeix del curtmetratge de Gatorade sobre Leo

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CGI Future says:

When you have dream nothing can stop you

Me: but nothing can stop you get it NOTHING

IX Riadi Games44 says:

اسطورين برشلونة برسا

Fahim Muntasir says:

A true living legend in this planet! LM10

Fahim Muntasir says:

Nothing can stop messi

dafana wildan12 says:

You can't stop messi

Oladele Iyodo says:

Never give up!!!

Apollo Ximendes says:

Boa men, agora faz a do Cristiano Ronaldo.

Abeer alghriwati says:


Canal Do Mozado says:

Melhor jogador do Mundo

Motumbo Ustası says:

? THE G.O.A.T. ?

Ozuna Perra says:

Que buen anuncio

Yahya Sayssi says:


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