Philippe Coutinho vs Alaves (Home) 28/01/2018 HD 1080i by SH10

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Philippe Coutinho vs Alaves (English Commentary)
Barcelona 2-1 Alaves
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SH10Comps says:


victor promiseviz says:

very average player…certainly not as good as neymar or hazard

barry clegg says:

Was tough match and I glad barca won.was nice to be there to see coutinho debut

mhmad ahmad says:

احلا لاعب

Andrew & Ryan says:

I went to the game

Andre Mapossa Zingoma says:

Os meus pupilos

Shukra Bahadur says:

coutino is the hero

Ridwan Barkowi says:

Visca barca

GC8 says:

He just needs time to blend in… Once he does try stopping him then!

Cameron Deary says:

Coutinho slipped because he's never seen so many empty seats…

i'M R says:

reus would be the best … barca would gave him steel leg …

Thabang Kabo says:


la famille fawaze says:

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BELGIA says:

wtf valverde? cou should play in the left position why he was kept in the right position this is wrong

Le vrai solitaire says:

I think he will be better if he plays instead of neymar not of iniesta because the connection between messi and coutinho very bad because they are similar

Brian says:

Iniesta needs to understand that his time is coming to an end. Let these younger guys take over and he can be more of a supporting role. No hate on Iniesta, he's one of my favorite players but he's getting old.

Suarez Messi
Coutinho Busquets Rakitic Dembele

Crabby Patty102 says:

Jon Sk meme of the year.

Crabby Patty102 says:

He played pretty good i dont why people are hating.

Lance Lam says:

He should play on the left side…. This formation destroyed him

Pedro daGraca says:

Y’all too quick to criticize… give the man some time maybe a month or two. It’ll take him and dembele some time to adapt and it’s a tough time in the season With crucial games. Next year all u shit heads will see how deadly this squad gonna be

Issiaka Gouem says:

Super Cooll.messi .insta coutinho .chacooll.

McNugget Fan says:

James Rodriguez is way better and he only cost Bayern 40m and Real Madrid 80m

Bahodir Boydedayev says:

He couldn't play at his level. Why did coach put him on right side instead of left. That was problem for him.

R -Striking says:

While he did have a good game today, I have to ask why he did not play on the left wing? It's the position he plays in along with attacking midfielder

Danijel Hrup says:

This guy Coutinho is fucking pathetic, Valverde will have a problem if He plays him, Barca will suffer, mids will suffer

Ciuco Nomas says:

I prefer his actitude to Neymar's one. That brazilian used to cry as a bitch, as a princess, as a lady… as a kid, definitively. Coutinho seems to be a man, in the football pitch.

Sharad jha says:

He played really well, even messi misses or loses possession somethings, it's his first game he played really well

CATALYST Admire says:

watch the best tribute to AB DE VILLIERS

enio junior says:

neymar deserves the price but cotinho definetly not

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