2016/2017 Authentic FC Barcelona Home Jersey Review [4K] – Aeroswift

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mariofarhan says:

Hope u do another review video for current season 2017/2018.

Dark Musik says:

hi man, i want to kniw where do yo buy your shirts?? the authentic ones i mean, regrets

numberlessTn says:

I am afriad to buy the S size because it might be very tight . There is no M size for an authentic

Anakin Skywalker says:

I liked the 2015-16 Barça a bit better.

ws lee says:

Hi, do you think printing player name and number will block out the 'pores' of the jersey's back?
Also, should I get a size S if my chest is 94.5cm and my height is 175cm?

Thank you.

Max daSilva10 says:

and Qatar airways?

Carlos Mendez says:

are they not sponserd by qatar air ways anymore?

JSQE says:

Do you think it would be nice to put MSN 30 on the back of this jersey ?

Miguel Piña says:

Where's the la Liga patch?

erm123 says:

Did you really just say "the England" at 1:52 ? :/ That's "Creu de Sant Jordi" not england's flah.

Diego Guillén says:

Hey man, great video! I need to ask you something… Last week I bought two Barcelona's jerseys from last season… Based on your video you made a while ago, I saw every detail you mentioned, however, I never saw your HIgh-End Fake Barcelona Jersey and now I'm a bit worried. The thing is that my two jerseys have the same "code" in the authenticity badge. One of the jerseys is Authentic and the other one isn't. The authentic has the gold badge and the other one doesn't, but they have the same exact code. What do you think? Are they actually from Nike or are they some clone? Another thing that I saw was that I searched for Barca's Jerseys on Amazon, and I found one, and that one had the same exact code. So, what do you think about them? Thx!

FRSTYLZ Fran says:

Not a fan of the jersey buy I mean barca is still the best

Matt Daughtery says:

Excellent video once again. Do you know why this Aeroswift kit doesn't use the same perforation patterns like the national team kits? I have the USA away and France home match kits, and they both use the same pattern. I assumed this was because of the stripes/graphics on the Barça kit, but wasn't sure. Thanks!

DiegsFCB says:

Anyone know where I can purchase this season's jersey with the FIFA World Champions badge? I can't find it anywhere. I've searched; Worldsoccer.com, Nike, Soccer.com, etc. The Camp Nou sells them with the badge, but for whatever reason, when i go to the Official Website for FC Barcelona, and hit the link for their online store, it sends me to Nike, which ironically has less to offer than the websites I states above. Can someone pls help me out?
A proud Culé

Eric Sanchez says:

What I don't like is the material the badge and Nike swoosh logo is made out of,in my opinion it looks cheap.But if it is whats best for the players then I guess it works,right?I only hope the replica version badge and Nike swoosh logo are not made of the same material.I do love the style of this jersey,it has a traditional look and feel but with a modern twist here and there.awesome work,I can't wait to see the players on the pitch wearing this jersey!

iliasse Dybala says:

Where is the patch LFP?

Rajendra Kumar says:

hey Awesome Video Loved It I am a I am a huge fan from India +fcbonly Pls do make a video of away and the third kit once it releases

ewindolango says:

how come theres no laliga patch?

Rizqi Makhidz says:

Nice Jersey??

Aldair Winchester says:

Mui hermosa ?

Lautaro Sorda Balaguer says:

it´s a shame that it doesn´t have the fifa world champion badge. this kit will look great with it

Stefan TheRazeer says:

Where is the lfp logo ?

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