FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Highlights 02-04-2016 (4K/HFR)

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FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Highlights 02-04-2016 (4K/HFR)
FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid – Highlights 02-04-2016 (4K/HFR)




米泽华 says:

Why this video has music in it?

Ido Simantov says:

ieraHDTV, Which Camera Did You Use?

Ronald Mata says:

Dud i fucken love your 4k videos

TX PERFEKT Henrique says:

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooo o heheheheheheh

Tyler Durden says:

we are back on playing shit again lost to madrid and now to sociedad….what the hell is wrong with barca? from 39 games unbeaten to 39 games winless?

Gerson Blanco says:

Great quality video. thanks… I really appreciate stadium natural reaction better than commentary… You nailed it, Sir.

mRwoRds2148 says:

Well, Suarez pretty much redeemed himself on the Champions League against Atletico.

Zeeshan Rahman says:

0:22 is actually when barca lost the game



kevin rubio says:

Thanks for the Highlights iera!

Feiyang Sun says:

but the 2k version works just fine

Feiyang Sun says:

the 4k video is frequently losing frames, it happens every 5 seconds, and my computer is a xps 15 9550 just brought 2 months ago, so it cant be my pc's problem

강다빈 says:

what a quality!!

Christian Ramirez says:

Lucho playing Messi as a CAM, Alba having a poor game, Suarez missing sitters, Neymar not playing up to his standard, Messi not having a great game, etc. We had a very poor game. Many things didn't go well and credit to Zidane and RMA. Now we need to keep pushing! Visca!

Chris cestero says:

Shame about the end result, nether the less, this video quality just sends goosebumps all over my body!

Mahatab Chowdhury says:

He was offside anyways. The score should've been 3-1

Guhsteh says:

Suarez missing that sitter, Navas saving Messi's chip, MSN all playing poorly, Alba having one of his worst performances ever, etc, etc. This was a shit Clasico, but an emphatic win against Atletico will cheer me up.

Gabriel Wilson says:

really like the camera viewb

Hidan HQ says:

We dominated most of the game, if we played better defense in the 15 min we would have won. This game pissed me off beyond belief.

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