Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid ● All Goals and Highlights ● English Commentary ● 30-01-2016 HD

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Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid All Goals and Full Highlights | 30-01-2016

Update: Had to re-upload due to some copyright issue. It is back up now 🙂

Video is a little longer than usual as it was a match of pure quality. Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid has always been very thrilling and atmospheric to watch. And this match was a mixture of passion and rhythm, determination and precision, pressure and composure. Atletico Madrid still putting up a good fight as always. Hope you guys enjoy this HD highlights put up by me.

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Viper Deuce says:

This commentator bruh???

Ahmad Raza says:

Luis fucking Suarez

Wahid koraishi says:

barcelona ??????????????????

Shubham Kapoor says:

wtf is wrong with the commentator

Invincadowgaming 5763 says:

Bravo deserved some credit for 12:03

sup //\ says:

geez the second commentator is annoying

Mohamed Abdihakim says:

Suarez messi neymar every dengres

EZID Ezidov says:

messi is the best

Raihaxxx Muhammad says:

Barca pasti menang

Rizki Al-Muhajir says:

Atletico ??

Miguel Lito says:

Ref and Bravo won this for Barça. Forza Atleti!

Delfin Viera says:

Que loco!!! En ingles el que le pone mas emocion y pasinon es el comentarista todo lo contrariomen español

SINGH says:

please please upload 1st leg match of ATLETICO vs BAYERN MUNICH first leg ,,,,, UCL 2016 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is request

Morgan says:

Am I allowed to use some clips from here in my video?

rami bechara says:

I miss Bravo

juze 11 says:

sad that every uefalona fan is on his smartphone instead of celebrating with the team

Leonardo Kwak says:

That tackle to Messi was ridiculous..

ZartanXC says:

This channel is super underrated

JBL Sonido Sanva says:

bamos atletico



Ondris SK says:


Theo van Gogh says:

That dive by Suarez is what won him a place in Barca

HattrickGames NL says:

Atletico madrid

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