Lionel Messi vs Mexico (World Cup) 2010 HD 1080i

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Download Link:!6FMDyApa!xv9s-BJOwSBsz7onTEjhy7ggbwL8waHdJ1XXuCWYthY
Song: Into (Extended Mix) – Super8 & Tab


Raheem Comps says:


Firstly, thank you to everyone who watches, likes and comments on my videos, I appreciate all of the support.

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Wieslaw Sobocinski says:

Lionel Messi – The King

hellnick1 says:

"pinche Messi"…

Ahmed Abdirazhiid says:

best player of wordl

Rodolfo Concha says:

Minuto 3.05 por un cabezazo del bofo, se originó el primer gol

Sunny দ্যা রোমিও says:

thanks for awesome video

Perla Notario Gonzàlez says:

Sin bromear, qué lindo beso de amistad el de Messi y de Márquez. A messi se le notó la alegría de ver a su compañero del Barca.

Tin Cup says:

2018 Messi was half the player 2010 and 2014 Messi was. WTF happened to him? Also he seemed mentally more psyched and pumped up in 2010 and 2014 than 2018. 2022 Messi who knows – will be 35. Maybe he will sit it out. Then again Zidane was also the same age when he took France to the final in 2006 so maybe he still gives it a go, In this next WC go It can't be Messi centered and run. It will have to be a strong player-coach who is able to use and get through to players.

soumodeep Chakraborty says:

i miss Messi on

Jain Sangh says:

i love messi???☺??

D. Van 't Reeve says:

los conquistadores argentinos blancos fuck the Indians

Tiểu Ất says:

3:06 Obviously, Tevez was offside

Md:Emran Hossain says:

Messi u r the best

Jarif Tube says:

The way Messi dribbles with the ball shoots with such accuracy and makes so many and playmakes so beautifully I hardly feel that we are gonna get another Messi

Sakib Hasan says:

massi ke ar kalbana

Graphic Designer says:

need graphic design so connect with meemail:

Victor Herrera says:

First goal offside like for 1 meter lol

Hasan Mahmud says:

Love u boss

Mahmudul Hasan says:

my lover is leo Messi
I love you Messi

Creative Idea says:

Awesome video….

Azad Mahmud says:

mesi is best

prakash kumar says:

Argentina besat off lock

Dhritiman Sen says:

if Mexico still had Campos in goal that first chip would have gone in LOL

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