LATEST TRANSFER NEWS – Feat. Higuain, Arnautovic,Thiago

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LATEST TRANSFER NEWS – Feat. Higuain, Arnautovic,Thiago
This video features the latest transfer news & update of
Gonzalo Higuain to chelsea
Marko Arnautovic to manchester united
Thiago Alcantara to barcelona & manchester united

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The Football Guy says:

Slight error at 3:26. Higuain is 30 years old.

biaka h.parte says:

Your news is fake news… Not dependable… Go post a gay porn… Mf

Terry Januaricky says:

jgn lupa like dan subscribe balik chanel aku ya mas makasi saling suport

Kotpur Kothra says:

Barcelona need to sign thiago

Ciarán Kiely says:

Cause im a united fan so i want thiago to leave and come to us . Arnautauvic isnt the right player we should be looking for . Higuain is too good plus morata inst that this season i want higuain to stay

Laser 12 says:

it makes no sense for them to sell thiago he's a fucking joke of a player when he's fit

only reason they whould sell him is because he's injury prone

all i can think off

Shahed Ali says:

City could take him too

natural-health says:

yes morata back to juventus

Skuller Stephens says:

Arnautovic should not go to ManU because I feel he would have the regular play time he wants

Skuller Stephens says:

thiago is ah great player and he does a lot for bayern and can do even for so they shouldn't sell him

Lanzini10 says:

Arnautovic is actually priced at 50 million

CuberJohnny1155 says:

Bayern should not sell Thiago because he is young and they should wait for him to become a even better player

Expert Gamer Keagzai says:

Higuan is 30 year old

Jacob Cortes says:

25 years old?

Jack Hi says:

they drew arnautovic in a stoke shirt when he plays for west ham. LOL!!!

Elok Tampaty says:

higuain gak 25 umurnya tai

Alba Elmuer says:

Higuain lol wkwkwmmwmmwwm

Tina Nguyen says:

Dude That Was A Sick Intro.??

Ճրյևոօ ւՐՅոՑ says:

What higuain is 25 years old ! Are you crazy xD

Rino Cityzens says:

higuain 25 year old.?

Can I get 10,000 subscribers with no videos? says:

Why would MAN UNITED take Arnautovic if they want Bale and already have Alexis Sanchez? Chelsea would get the good side of the Higuain deal, but Juve would lose a key forward in their lineup, despite Morata's efforts. Thiago could very well move to BARCA. BARCA will be losing their captain Iniesta to the Chinese/Japanese combine league, and will need a key dribbler and passer in their midfield.

Toms Briedis says:

I hope that Thiago comes back to Barca were he belongs.

Nazrul F6 says:

Dumb morinho.. i dont understand why he looking to buy another striker age 29 like arnoutovic whereas he got martial n rashford. I dont want him to manage manU anymore. Please resign. U will ruin the young talent n plays a tactial parking bus so boring football style to watch!

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