The match that made Barcelona buy Neymar Jr because of his crazy skills | €57 million

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The match that made Barcelona buy Neymar Jr because of his crazy skills | €57 million
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KHDfootball says:

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for 16,000 subscribers
I don't know if you guys remember the Dembele video but this is basically the same thing.

Diamond RoyalsTV says:

Barca bought him in 2013 not 2012 barca wait it to lonh

Clashers gang i.o says:

Any malayalies

R.D 030305 says:

I think this would make Barca not want to buy him…that performance was trash

Fezile Maphumulo says:

who else is holding a microscope looking for crazy skills?

Varun Chetry says:

This video is actually to insult neymar

Rat says:

Lol he could hardly pass the defense

Mightyeli123 Gamer says:

Neymar is alaways Neymar alaways good

Alejandro Sanabria says:

Jajaajjaja quedo en ridiculo ante el barca el video es de las caidas de este payaso

saeed habib says:

Worst performance of neymar

Raunak Mukherjee says:

What did he even do

luquita riba says:

Alguien me explica lo que dice en el titulo

Nosrat Fariya says:

Neymar jr boss.??

Juan Zetina says:

Si jugó como el culo ???

Harun Tasdan says:

Very badd!!!

Henrique Alves says:

Messi ruim não pegou nem na bola

Player 1 says:

brazil is the best 5 stars in world cup

Andi Luu says:

where the skill ?

Sheikh Abas says:

Abdul Aziz Mocha i love you neymar i like you

Biki Biki says:

i luv neymar Jr

Aasuk Tallo says:

Make it mistake of Nymer plz

Solokisoo Virally says:

Go on fifa 15 the worst version of fifa and pick Barcelona and you will see Messi and Neymar.

jUsT a PaSsEr By says:

If I was the selector, after seeing this match, I wouldn't have taken him even for free!!

ξηεмψ шιτнιη says:

Are you trying to make a joke you sick motherfucker

Ari Teuwsen says:

Wtf ??

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