The match that made Barcelona buy Ousmane Dembélé because of his crazy skills & goals | €150 million

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The match that made Barcelona buy Ousmane Dembélé because of his crazy skills & goals | €150 million
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Rick Morrison Dick says:

Imagine Mbappe and Dembele being a duo

vapotrini says:

A mere teenager thrown into the lion's den head first, and expected to slot in seemlessly next to Messi & Suarez. Barca management to blame for expecting anything else. Total and complete panic buy, after Neymar left. He wasn't ready is all.

Tomasz Zaleski says:

..well, what a waste of money then.. now that he is playing with top quality he is nothing, and he very much is showing it. That goal he just scored with el Barca was not very well received, take a while guess why…

DBZ Shippudden says:

What the fuck is this, what has this sport come to literally in a few years not a century but 3-4 years they’ve started pulling money out of their asses to young kids who are good but nowhere near the value of 150 million are you kidding me. The third most expensive player in history with no previous trophies or any remarks before his retarded move to barcelona and all of that because of ONE good match fuck sake

Yaseen karim says:

missed a sitter??

Bongo Boy says:

Dembele's faster than Mbappe

George Savva says:

Mbappe is better

graeme fraser says:

Every time i watch a football video, i swear it's this song

Amr Ahmed says:

He only scored 3 goals for Barcelona.

R.D 030305 says:

Honestly, no player in the world should be worth over 100 mil

Dario Sandholm says:

This title must be sarcasm. This is the reason barca sucks these days. They buy bad players and the old good ones like Xavie and Iniesta R10 and Eto'o are gone. And Pyol aswell.

Lupita Esquivel says:

Look at 0:47 at dembele's speed vs giroud's speed

Amir Omar says:

this is sarcasm. then Andy Robertson will be £200m

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