Leo Messi Goal vs Real Madrid 2017 | RAY HUDSON AMAZING COMMENTARY | 720p 60fps – By Pirelli7

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Ray Hudson amazing commentary Messi goal vs Real madrid – Barcelona 2-3 | 60fps. By Pirelli7 ► Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubscribeTo_Pirelli7
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Francesco Pirelli7 says:

LEO MESSI GOALS AND SKILLS 2019 : VIDEO: https://youtu.be/lVitroptUbE

Manoj Kale says:

Demonic skill by Sergei Roberto

Manoj Kale says:

Menacing man a raised


It‘s Messiiahhhhhahshshhshshshdhdjhdjdbfkfbfldnfkxnkflfnx

KingCairo_PS4 says:

As a madrid fan this honestly hurts like things was going soo good man lol damnn but i love the rivalry tho love both teams we make each other better but still #HALAMADRID

Moises Kirby Nava says:

Madrid players on the floor crying lmao

Eksto says:

One of the most legendary celebrations of all time.

Anime Watcher says:

"Demonic skill from Sergio Roberto."

Suhail NS says:

ronaldo is world class and on top of it there is a class called messi class only messi can do it

Aayush Masavkar says:

0:33 lmao

Shy Guy says:

Sergi's run, Andre Gomes' waiting, Jordi alba's Pass, Messi's shot (into the goal in the 92nd minute to make the lead ❤️), his reaction (showing the the LM10), enrique's reaction, Ronaldo, marcelo, carvajal, kroos all of their reactions, Ray hudson's commentary, moreover the destiny everything was meant for this particular situation. Time is still paused there.

Aaron Rawago says:

The match was soo difficult for Messi, he got elbowed and all kinds of shit but he scored a hatrick and he had to show them the name on the back of the shirt

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