Barcelona vs Real Madrid 5-1 Highlights & Goals Full HD Suarez Hattrick

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Barcelona 5-1 Full Highlights and Goals

Coutinho 11″
Suarez 30″,75″,83″
Marcelo 50″

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Vinamr Mahajan says:

Who gives so much space to barcelona in their penalty box?? I think madrid underestimated barca without messi

Rohit Shinde says:

Madrid- The rape victim ??

shan karthick says:

Where is Luka modriç the best palyer of 2018..Luka modriç himself knows Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in 2018.
Here is the proof of his absence.

Savages620 says:

I wish Messi played it would have been 9-1

Jishan Jishan says:

Best match and best commentary.They played good without u barcelona and messi.

Hero says:

Hat trick for Suarez

Ramon Hernandez says:


Xeqani Eliyev says:

Leo messi 1:29

Aman Ashraf says:

thats the cr7 effect

mx10 says:

Hold up stop the car

New justin Y. step brother says:

When barca haters say real madrid is the best

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