Barcelona vs Sevilla [4-2] – MESSI INJURED – MATCH REVIEW

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It was a highly entertaining clash at the Camp Nou, as Barça overcame Sevilla thanks to goals from Philippe Coutinho, Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez and Ivan Rakitić.

The huge win will no doubt be overshadowed though by the arm injury sustained by Lionel Messi on the night, after landing awkwardly during the first half.



TalkFCB says:

Since I’ve uploaded this guys, it’s now been confirmed that Messi will miss THREE weeks through injury – which certainly isn’t ideal, but I’m so, so glad that it’s weeks and not months. He’ll come back better than ever – if that’s even possible!

biju 22 says:

I like you messi

abdelhamid bouras says:

Messi ?? Ronaldo ??

abdelhamid bouras says:

Messi est mal tombé ! Et c'est lui qui améliore le barcelone ,
Maintenant qui peux jouer comme Messi ou un peu près comme lui ? : malcom , rafinha
ou demble . Pour moi malcom

Razia Ghare says:

Still they wont play malcom.

Tasin omar says:

Messi is best player

Sony Gurung says:

My best is messi

hridaya dahal says:

Sevilla has to get read card and be out in all of the match the referi who is not giving red card should also be out messi is my favourate player i love messi the match of sevilla i will never see and he and his group should always lose

hridaya dahal says:

How can they facture his hand . He is my favourate player

M Bilal says:

You can find dirty players like ramos everywhere

Aditya Waghmare says:



Tauqeer Ahmad says:

2:17 and in live match Valverde never come with Messi for asking his injury pain. how shame?

რბskბv ძзstяцctiბი says:


Reginald Morton says:

Is it me or does Barcelona look better without Messi???………. I cant believe I said that, but its true, they look BETTER WITHOUT MESSI

CR7 THE GOAT says:

Its sad news wish he will recover fastly as soon as possible


Messi is injured because he cut his beard????

Saba Gul says:

People need to stop talking about how bad dembele was. He lost all confidence in himself, in his abilities because of fucking bastard valverde. He shouldn't have dropped him when he was in form because if he didn't do that then he would have improved physically and mentally but yet more great man management from valverde who decided to drop an inform dembele for coutinho( who hasn't even proven that he should be in this team). Honestly the whole barca team treat coutinho like he has been in Barca for 15 years and dembele like he just arrived in the summer. I think dembele should just leave because he will only get worse in barca if Suarez and others keep treating him like shit. It's like they don't understand that he is also a human who has feelings and it hurts as a fan that they treat him like this.

Jacob Vandross says:

Now we will see if Barca truly rely on Messi or not. I think playing Busquests and Athur is redundant, Arthur should be left to run the mid by himself, Rakitic needs to be involved more in creating goals. Denis Suarez and Rafinha need to be given more play time and Malcom can switch with Dembele

AK Gaming mobile ft says:

Messi is injured but now MALCOM and DEMBELE need to step up to at least try to fill his place which is difficult but that's what they are meant for.?⚔️

Mukesh Baraskar says:

After 11 years in el classico no Messi no Ronaldo….?

DK_football says:

I’m a Ronaldo fan but???⚽️??

ThePlayMaker says:

Late but just in case, Messi does indeed have a fractured radial bone and will be out for around 3 weeks. Malcom better get play time!

Yoni Caragay says:

Heartbreaking as hell. It’s something we never want to see, but maybe this is something Barca should grow on – a team without Messi. I really hope C7 – Dembele – Malcom shows up these coming games. I really want to see Malcom get a break on this team!

milo miriam says:

now dembele gotta step up! ??hope messi will have a speedy recovery

Kings & Queens Entertainment says:

Lenglet is our mistake in the defense, that`s the 2nd time he done this

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