NEW CAMP NOU – Phased construction while continuing to play matches

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Find out more about the different phases in the construction of the New Camp Nou.

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Aleksa Tubic says:

Done in 2020?

Joepac Crakur says:

go barca, from a friend and proud celtic fan, total respect and admiration, MORE THAN A CLUB – like celtic "A CLUB LIKE NO OTHER"

CLTJR5 says:

Finally have a roof, bout time

Xawo Cabdikadir says:

Don't forget to draw Messi picture on top

Stephen Larkin says:

Camp nou is an iconic stadium no doubts , but it’s an absolute shit hole that needs majorly updated to compete with other stadiums round the world

shaul sharabi says:

IN MY OPINION: Barcelona should build open-close roof in a way that if it's open it will look like just like the camp nou of today, and if it's close it's like here in the video.

Owain Woodman Carr says:

Shite club shite fans

Wandy Damanik says:

Jakarta stadium look like lol ???

Prakhar Khatiwada says:

Camp nou is looking good but if messi steps over here it will be the best

هازارد says:

متى الافتتاح ؟

Fabrizio Chiapelli says:

ENOLA GAY upstare THE camp nou

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