Barcelona Appeal Transfer Window Ban

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Barcelona’s president calls Sepp Blatter to appeal transfer window ban.

By: Baha Salamah


Faisal italiano says:

You are right ??

RealG4Life300 says:

it looks like hes a madrid fan lol 4-0 luisito with 2 goals
, Neymar with one goal and Iniesta with a rocket

juan pablo fv says:

now you should make a video on how barca were able to suspend the ban

hassan says:

Im here for the beard 🙂

Kecion AFC says:

Incoming anti-barca and anti-madrid fans, take cover

Marta Vukasin says:

im a Barca fan and i thought this was hilarious hahaha

Farid Cedeno says:

Hahaha! "Pinto can't even catch a Magikarp with a master ball."

Vincent Benton says:

Im a hardcore barca fan but this was hilarious

OnRockIT says:

Atletico Madrid > RM and FCB.  Let the butthurt RM and FCB fans response begin. trololol

JavierNathaniel says:

Barca fan but this is so funny, laughed my ass off, lol

Mr Samuel says:

David Vujanic anyone looks like him 

shatha khaled says:


John Maratos says:

Very funny. I love your videos, keep it up 🙂

Raarzand says:

This is funny and Ksi is stupid compare to this

Swedish Winter says:

As a barca fan I found this entertaining. Nice job man.

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