TOP 5 | Potential signings for FC Barcelona’s DEFENSE

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Juan brings us the potential signings for FC Barcelona’s defense.

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Hussein Abdulrahman says:

i hope we actually use the cb we are going to sign unlike bartra which we never played

Hussein Abdulrahman says:

beard game is strong juan!

Anish Mahabiersing says:

Maybe Eric bailly 22 years old a real rock in Villareal defense

Kariem elasmy says:

number one to number four aren't options for barca now……marquinhous is too expensive (and slitly overrated), John stones was dog shit (sorry for sying it like that) this season so i wouldn't consider him now, bellerin looks like he doesn't want to come back( or just playing hard to get) and our sports director said we won't sign a RB now, and thiago silva is just too old and not option anymore cause we alread have mascherano and pique (who are both 29+) so we have to think about the future now… Umtiti is the only good option here

Young Sinatra says:

fuck stones shit season overrated english player

manuel portillo says:

Thiago silva

Jim 10 says:

What about Laporte?

Jim 10 says:

Jerome Boateng!

Varun Kumar says:

stones had a shit season mate……

Martin Rafter says:

If this is a top 5 it is completely wrong it should be Marquinhos,Umtiti,Lemos,Santos,Sidnei

Nou Nation says:

Who would you sign?

infernocombustion says:

Don't want Stones. I think he is so overrated

Martin Rafter says:

The only reason I don't like bringing Marquinhos in is because Laporte will be better and Marquinhos will just take his place.But I want both!!!

Stevenage24 says:

Mauricio Lemos – Las Palmas

barca nightnight says:

" #4 john Stones, great season for him "" brah

Arin Chinchilla says:

Who we sign to replace alves is also dependent on whether we want sign anyone else that will determine how much money we have to spend silva is really expensive limiting our money for other players

OBSA H. says:

Juan is still alive damn 🙂

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