Barcelona Forward Passing Drill.

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This exercise is designed to improve “forward” passing and penetration. Two teams of 4 players attempt to score in the 2 opposite small goals. They can use the 4 corner players for support. Encourage forward “thinking” as a priority. Develop to “one touch” forward pass to score. Rotate groups after each goal, winner stays on.

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Omprakash Kumar says:

hindi video plz

Matthew Ledda says:

Jose Mourinho needs to see this drill 😂😂😂

Coach Bill says:

Love these sessions. Great animated opening, but rest of production could use some improvement! Looking for a pro video team that knows soccer, too? message me.

Oxxy Productions says:

What other ways can I Improve my finish when it comes to shooting from long distance

Prakhar Singh says:

these boys are so lucky….they got facilities

Sean Halter says:

This is an awesome exercise.  I coach recreational soccer and we use it to end every practice.  We actually go half field, 5v5 or 6v6 depending on # of players.  It gives the players tons of action, great conditioning and freedom of movement.  They need to be aware of all players- offense and defense.  The kids love it.

razlan hashim says:

Hi, thanks for the video. May I know what wireless microphone you used for this video?

jabala sulee says:

I am happy with what I get here,Thanks to soccertv.

Football Abroad says:

It is perfect for a 1-4-4-2 formation if your team plays something like 1-4-3-3 you should modify it for max results in my opinion. A good adaptation can be playing with 3 goals as the 3 attackers and then 3 teams of 3 and an attacker jocker that will create the 3 midfield line and 4 defenders. The problem it will be the superiority 7v3!. What do you think? Jockers maybe play only 1 touch?

Lee Johnston says:

How big is the playing area?

Reboundgrid says:

see as an option for improving speed and accuracy of individual's passing

Montery12 says:

Coach Green, thank you for making a coaching point of the necessity of passing forward (penetration) to open targets (forwards).

Billy Jam Vlogs says:

My team are now Barcelona man myth legend

arnold rebello says:

This is so good

ardiansyah firman says:

I want this video available in Indonesian translation 🙏

Soko Abraham Sirleaf says:

Thank God for this website, I will used it to improved my ball game.

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