Barcelona Midfielder Drill

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Objective of the Practice:
This exercise is designed to work on each players’ quick decision making and passing skills.

Field Preparation:
4 Players
Area 10 x 10 Yards

Coaching Points:
There are four players inside the square with 2 balls. Three players work on the sides of the square and one player woks on the inside. The practice starts when player “1” passes to player “2” (center player). After passing the ball player “1’ must quickly run to the open cone. Upon receiving the ball, player “2” has to quickly identify the free player and pass the ball to him. After releasing the ball, player “2” receives a pass from player “4”. The practice
then is continued in this manner. The center player is always looking to receive the ball and pass to the open player. The outside player is always looking to pass and move to the open cone.

Focus On:
Quality “first touch”.
Accuracy and Pace of the pass.
Disguising the pass.
Explosive movement with the ball.


Nicholas Marinich says:

Always good stuff! Thank you

Bohra Champions League says:

Which music is this?

vanith kutty says:

Nice drilll can we use dril for our team ..thnkz for sharing

ProFormance Global says:

Nice practice, we can put this into our sessions….. Thanks for sharing.

Peter Watry says:

Technical and fitness. No tactical… maybe a nice warmup

Moussa Essambeng says:

Vers good and interesting drill…

Peter Hagenbo says:

I would like this drill more if there were 4 players on the cones and 1 in the middle because then the player in the middle have to make a choice on where to pass the ball. Then its not prefixed

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