Andrés Iniesta | Skill & Dribble | FC Barcelona | 2010-2011 Season

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Andrés Iniesta | Skill & Dribble | FC Barcelona | 2010-2011 Season

Song 1 : Jim Yosef – Link [NCS Release]
Song 2 : Unknown Brain – MATAFAKA (feat. Marvin Divine) [NCS Release]
Song 3 : Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release]


Heng Hee Lim says:

beautiful, effective and efficient dribbling, not for fancy but for teamwork. He know when to stop, when to accelerate, when to pass, where to turn. Unique!

El Cazador says:

Iniesta is better than messi.

Amaar Mowlid says:

Iniesta for ever

Amaar Mowlid says:

Barca improve

Amaar Mowlid says:

Iniesta for ever

scraggydon says:

The quality of these barca players are incredible…juss..finness

Jesus Diaz B says:

sigo amando su juego, es un crack

Jonathan Esteban Delgado Corral says:

hi, can you put a video to iniesta 2009-10 please

Rusia 2018 World cup says: suscríbete!!!!!!

김진빵 says:

이니에스타 여러 시즌 더 만들어주시면 안됩니까 너무 좋아요 영상

Marlon Lopez says:

Que belleza de jugador.

José Massilia says:

When football become art

GABIOCABR 26 says:

Genious, good work, he's my idol.

Johan andres Cruyffiesta says:

My word this guy was disgusting in his prime…

Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel says:

people said iniesta desrved ballon d or 2010 but in 2012 was his best year overall

4z4 Taj says:

Lol. 1:48 that's Borja Valero, currently plays for inter (32 years old)

Mingoo Jumg says:

요새 1112 1011 바르샤 선수들 업로드 너무 감사해요

해외축구를 09년즈음부터봐왔지만
10년-12년사이의 레알마드리드 바르셀로나 이두팀 경기들과 선수들이 가장 치열하고 수준높았던것같아요 전술적으로도 격변기였고요

1314이후로는살짝 유럽축구가 안정기로든느낌이구요

paleszhurts says:

You are just as amazing as Ini on the pitch. Beautiful!

Caio Wesley says:

Iniesta legend!!!

김볶이 says:

축구를 잘하려면 빡빡이어야한다…

jeh Gewitwel says:

Thank you so much! 08-09 of this guy would be one of the best videos ever made!

Mike01 says:

Gaebba it's difficult but can you make a complete overall video of messi in this season?

AJcompsHD says:


Psycoskills Football says:

Ballon'dor 2010

Psycoskills Football says:

Iniesta is genius

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