Barcelona (True cheaters) May 1, 2010.

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Larry Rios says:

You guys have to see how Spain won the World Cup too. It is even worst. More than 15 ,intakes

andrew marchetti says:

shut the fuck up your just jealous that they actually have a good players other than your shitty as team probably just another hater so shut the fuck up bitch

Jack Wright says:

Instead, they broke another record, losing 7-0 in the semi final, now go drink some 7up

Tricksncrafts says:

very true. loved seeing the scum get wiped out of the champions league by the mighty germans!!

Serge Gnabry says:


shodeex Trebiz says:

Look at 39s….???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SpawN says:

Winning the champions league?
Yeah, do that.

BillKaulitzsWife says:

more like UEFADRID.

Real Trampas says:

Cüneyt Çakir

emil fors says:

still took away the red card

TheKeymaster123 says:

Idiots that card was meant for Llorente not Busquets
take a look at a commentary of that match like on ESPN Soccernet you'll realise this uploader is probably just a very butthurt Madrid fan

A A says:

I swear i tell this everyone but no one wants to believe the press and the media and the ref and the uefa hierarchies help barcalona

Fcb11fifa says:

Hey 1 subscriber tht was yellow for llorente stupid slut focus on pepe

Bob Smith says:

lmao, nah thats just Sergio Busquets think thats how u pronounce his name, Sergio is a dick dont we all know that? anyways i got my eyes out on pepe that SOB.

BillKaulitzsWife says:


Sergi Cordon Artigas says:

but obviously, if your team loses, you''ll keep saying that the oponent team is being helped by referees, and if you're team win, you won fairly, we all have played at this man xd

Sergi Cordon Artigas says:

Still isn't an insult XD, anyway, trust me, I've watched more barcelona games than you will ever see in your entire life, I've watched them since I was a child when they lost every single game, and now when we are probably best team of the world, people like u try to call us cheaters and divers, man,all teams are sometimes helped or harmed by refrees,

Sergi Cordon Artigas says:

so for you, bullshit is an insult to your own person, and idiot is not? Mate I was only saying that if u say barcelona players are being helped by referees is proper bullshit in my opinion, not that u are bullshit or something like that, but calling idiot to someone is a direct way to insult him, so, think before you talk ok? I didn't insult no one

Sergi Cordon Artigas says:

what? when I insulted someone? can U point me where? I only see one person insulting other one telling him that is an idiot, so the only persone that has to make sure to know what he's saying before make hisself look like an idiot is you. what are u doing, trying to get likes with another brilliant comment? haha, nothing need to be said mate

Sergi Cordon Artigas says:

is not about that, barcelona is a brilliant team probably the best in the actual moment, have some objectivity and let the them show their fantastic football

arsenal9124 says:

@RiksK15 it fucking happend dude i was there

Sergi Cordon Artigas says:

embarrasment and shame that people like you think so, i dont know if you realize but the only thing that you're actually getting saying these kind of bullshit is staining football's name and the most pathetic thing is that 53 people agree on that

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