Barcelona Transfer Round-Up ft Frenkie De Jong & Adrien Rabiot

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As the transfer window opens, the rumours begin! With Barça set todo big business in 2019, with a number of additions lined up – with Ajax duo De Ligt and De Jong rumoured. But who will come in? That’s the big question, with a number of big names linked.


TalkFCB says:

HAPPY NEWS YEAR, CULÉS!! And with the transfer window is officially open – here come the rumours…

Alan Lee says:

De Jong signed

WithêrPrø1Ø1 Vids says:

Frenkie De Jong has officially joined Barcelona.

Sarah Kitty Puppy lover says:

Rabiot is coming (I hope)

rathling lorenzo says:

we have to much good midfield lets focus on them Rabiot is a poor player form me.. we need a fals 9 -> Timo werner and a centerback-> the ligt

fc Barcelona vica barca says:

We need de Jong and de ligt

fc Barcelona vica barca says:

De Jong in

things are way complicated so stop judging says:

New year new animation please ????

Damian Amos says:

I don't want Rabiot

GladiatorBond says:

Seems like Rabiot is a done deal based on various sources. Perhaps a detailed video on his skills and did Barcelona make the right move by signing a greedy player and reduce playing time of other recent midfield signings and La Masia talents?

Salim Huerta says:

Apparently Rabiot has been signed utter trash I can’t believe it we did it just to spite psg I hate whoever is in charge of transfers

Salim Huerta says:

Not trying to be a dick but I’m Spanish and speak Spanish and everyone is really very excited about Todibo being like a new Varane but are all upset about De Ligt. In case you don’t speak Spanish and want to know what’s on the mind there.

Salim Huerta says:

No Rabiot he’s useless ! We have De Jong and Todibo this summer ! We need De Ligt and Firminho ! Everyone else is not a priority in my mind they immediately go into the category of who cares really. I find it insane that Barca doesn’t want to fight for De Ligt ?! Also, because of Coutinho, Liverpool will block us on Firminho for this summer and we’ll have to wait a year, but Icardo Kane etc are not worth it, I’d rather keep Suarez an extra year !

Salim Huerta says:

It’s officially confirmed that we have Todibo a very good young CB/CDM reminds me of Varane ! He is going to be loaned his first year unless he impresses this summer !

Musa Sukati says:

If we can't get de Ligt, we should buy Koulibaly

Iwan Irwanda says:

I don't agree de jong would go to barca or man city.. he needs to stay at amsterdam for 2 or 3 season because in that team has so many player how can play in the first eleven and it will be no changes to play regularly for him.

Dibyangshu Baruah says:

Rabiot is not the player we want

Ebenezer Teye says:

Bcos am very talented player ,very skillful n have d style of Barcelona play , for I want to play for Barcelona one day, very yearning for such opportunity to train and educated to play for Barcelona one day,
Am in Ghana

RmanNERD OB says:

Give Chumi or Cuenca a chance?

Kevzete says:

Rabiot is nothing but another PSG reject.

Simo Gaidoumi says:

Abidal must sign with De Jong & De Ligt this summer we need them

Messi Comps says:

1:11 Know where your can get quality players for free? It's called LA MASIA Valverde!!!! It's not too hard you know!!!!! Look at the best Barca team of the modern era, in 2011 nine of the best eleven came from La Masia. That season Barcelona did things that might never be seen again in football. We need more la Masia players.

Ritik Kapoor says:

Cilessen should stay.

Edgar Baez says:

Keep cillesen please. Unless he wishes to leave.

haya1512 says:

No talk on Denis Suarez and munir??

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