FC Barcelona – Iniesta: "It's our responsibility to keep this working"

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The Barça midfielder feels the pressure is on to show that Barça are as strong as ever and knows they’ll need to be at their best if they want to win titles


Iamename says:

sorry not the 2nd captain, he's the captain ofcourse

Iamename says:

Why would it be pique lol? He says recent years so I'm leaning towards puyol depending on how many years he's speaking of. Since 07/08 season pedro puyol abidal and valdes are the only other players who've been at the team the whole time, probably not abidal because of his liver, probably not valdes because..well he'a the goalie, and puyol is the 2nd captain so I really think if it's anyone it'd be him.

iAgObR17 says:

Messi…but i recognize that Iniesta deserve the Ballon Dor

Austin Brooks says:

ronaldo… obviously

Basil Paul says:

of course he is the next BALLON DI OR winner

PsychoMexicano says:

Iniesta deserves to win a ball on dor

Ellis Dee says:

who does he mean by the four key players? messi + iniesta + xavi and.. busquets? i seriously hope it isn't pique because he isn't a key player and he sucked ass last season. a proper centre back next to puyol would do wonders to barca's backline instead of that overrated ladyboy

LuisEspinozaMusic says:

ronaldo can say goodbye to his ballon d'or. Iniesta already won it.

al7abab says:

Messi is great, if Iniesta will win that doesnt mean Messi is not good, look Messi won it 3x isnt that enough for the moment?? i mean Iniesta was world cup winner and 2x Euro winner and didnt win anything!!
i love them both but i wish Don Iniesta will do it this time

Saku Satola says:

iniesta is a great player and I love to see him play but messi did 74 goals and assisted about 20 and he shall win it again

برشلوني متعصب says:

انا شايف عرب يتفلسفون انجلينزي

al7abab says:

Iniesta, he deserved the Ballo'n Dor, i really wish he will win it, he won copa del rey, Euro 2012 and he was the best player in Euro 2012 so who els deserved that more than him?

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