Barcelona anthem

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Anthem of the best club in the world.

Cant del Barça by Josep Maria Espinàs and Jaume Picas, and the music composed by Manuel Valls.


ירון עיסמי says:

אהבת חיי

Bailin Jiang says:

made me cry

redneck79 says:

croatian nazi its because you entered to eurozone and germans help in balkan war???

Ramzy Bassem says:

I thought its Tom And Jerry anthem

Nathan Sutandi says:

Thats funny , if you dont agree with the referee you'll argue with him too , same like barca here , i play soccer too , and i sometimes argue with the referee , and yeah if the referee agrees then its luck , if not, its sucked then 🙂

Anton Hristov says:

Hey, want a penalty? Oh and 14vs10? cuz its too easy!

mereze says:

With an outstanding coach in Platini

TheFootballSeason says:

hey Farselona Fanatics!Want to be in final because of referee's help!Priceless

Shot2kill says:

Hey Chelsea Fanatics! wanna 3 goals advantage? cuz its too easy!

kemal yoesoep says:

lampunya bisa dimatiin keren

Resul Rza says:

real madrid is best

Hairuldin Osman says:

Barcelona is the best club in Spanish La Liga. Barca! Barca! Bar….ca!!!!

Ebv 1988 says:

@CorneliaMarie1 totally untrue and any person from here barcelona can tell you that. people from out of catalonia can't see it clearly because you didn't see every single game. ronaldinho was magic but this messi scored 234 goals in 3 seasons… ronaldinho scored 110 goals in 3 seasons… end of story. Messi is going to be the best player in football's history not only for his effectiveness he is just the most tallented player of all time.

Monggo Mas says:

Barça, Barça, Baaarça!

graven says:


Garehh says:

Barca > Milan!!! TOP OF THE GROUP!!!! Ibra is nothing!!!

Veydoz LoL says:

i realy like Messi but when Ronaldihno was in Barca that were best times

Mohammed Al-Halwachi says:

@LMFAO2011Redfoo The thing I find most offensive about your comment is that you mentioned Inter before THE TRUE MILAN THE RED AND BLACKS. Milan scored in the first and last minutes in the game. What your shit ass team can do in 88 minutes Milan can do in 2 minutes. Go to hollywood you Barca scum! In San Siro Gattuso and Nocerino will show Alves Busquets Pedro what a true man is like. FORZA MILAN, Hala Madrid Barcelona on my dick.

Technickk1 says:

MILAN! U will never be so good like AC MILAN ;*

Josip mandić says:

vamos Barça

Josip mandić says:

vamos Barça

Stelios Xaras says:

if you lose again in champions league….open the water system!! that's why you will never be like real madrid in titles…9 champions league 31 championships…when we lose we applause and you open the water system to inter…little team…

Juanito says:


0 Qi Go in the hell

Sona Mona says:


Rouges says:

@14CroatianNazi88 go cry some place else loser

kieranb71 says:

best in the world – respect from Tottenham Hotspur FC

Josh X says:

two of my most hated clubs in the world is manu and real and Barca did a helluva job kicking them out in the champions league and win it!!! barca barca barca!!!

tots units fem forca!

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