BARÇA 5-1 LYON | Full training session before facing Lyon

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FC Barcelona work out ahead of the Champions League game at the Camp Nou
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rachman ricopurba says:

visca barca,greetings from indonesia

Abdoulaye Traore says:

barceona is a good club

Wahib Najib says:

Barca vicka

Yuri Yura says:

Barça porra

Badass at Games says:

Messi hace un hat trick y el último gol de bicicleta

Carlos José says:

barça 3 x1 lyon

Tsunami ‘BLON’ GYATSEY.TM says:

Barca will lose tonight ‘I have a feeling’ hope

Downyson Gangmei says:

I hope we can give our best and beat them tonight.. Plzzz be the champions visca al barca..

Enrique Alejandro Socarrás Patiño says:

força barça

Ruben Calmo says:

Lets go barca make it happen Again visca el barca and they going to win

Ngonket Obi Indrysh Dona says:

Dembele vs coutino ; Dembele is the very best

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