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Fifa 18 tACTICS


Abhishek Kumar says:

Change the formation to false 9 with Messi as CF works much better! You'd be surprised to see the amount of passes going through

Abbas ashna says:

Best castom tactics is torino and fiorntina ..thanks

Gri Morum says:

thank you! it helped me a lot

David Steis says:

Wokrs perfectly, I ussualy play on second hardest setting And I have won with Barca against Real Madrid 5:2

Junior Ronaldo says:

icant play with real madrid on tiki taka

kiiluah says:

That’s the worst formation video I ever seen

یهودی کش says:

Bullshit tacktic mine is much better. Stupid team also.

Ali Al-refaie says:

Thank you bro it really helped a lot

Roger Nkosi says:

Barcelona and Real Madrid the teams of choice for noobs

Preet Shah says:

Which formation is this

isaac shon says:

perfect perfect perfect ? only a little problem with piqe with he’s aggressive to much. so he’s get a red card. but anyway i actually win this game 5-3 against real madrid. noticed i in division 4.

isaac shon says:

Obviously this formation I play always and more with FIFA 16 17

isaac shon says:

finally good video. fc barcelona the team of my life

Ediz Yıkar says:

Is this effective on squad battles? ???

Bruno Campos says:

I can play with the real Madrid? (with the tiki Taka)

JAY BEE says:

Great help thanks ??


Hey My Buddy 🙂 Can You Make A Tactic Video with Players Instructions for Real Madrid with Isco as CAM Benzema and Ronaldo as Strikers?

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