FC Barcelona Getting Ready For Their Official Team Photo 2014/2015

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FC Barcelona getting ready for their official team photo 2014/2015.


Ichchha Amatya says:

Best part 0:450:50 ???

Ichchha Amatya says:

0:45 aww neymar doesn't know how to tie a perfect knot ?? but he still looks so cute in that knot .. And his hair is awesome ???????

Dane Gunness says:

Ok I scroll down into comments neymar here neymar there which I like dis was more of a neymar movie which for dat girl I love u

handa azir says:

naymar love

Cule 1904 says:

stop at 1:18

Niah says:

Ok first of all lol neymar doesnt know how to tie a tie and i do and bonus im a girl, and second at 2:15 is he eating something or adjusting his mustache?

Tahir Meulens says:

Neymarjr hair just different still look awesome

Nolberto Vargas says:

I love Barcelona Neymar messi Suarez Javier Pedro busquets bravo alves rakitic pique matheiu iniesta alba and the rest of the players

Manuela Rey says:

la vidéo est cool

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