Is Messi the greatest player of all-time? | Craig Bellamy & Steve Sidwell | The Debate

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Tottenham lost 4-2 to Barcelona in the Champions League but could Spurs have performed better against Barca? And is there player that can compete with Lionel Messi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
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Messi is overrated. He played his entire career on a top 2 euro team. He is miserable when he plays on Argentina

John DiMaggio says:

All pundits/analysts/players with brains pick Messi. They all sound so hesitant to pick him as their GOAT, knowing they have to be neutral and diplomatic, but they all know who's the best. There's no debate.

Miguel Vale says:

Ronaldo – 63 knockout stage UCL goals. Messi – 40 knockout stage goals.

LFC 77 says:

Pele and Maradona over Messi, for me. And also Henry in those few seasons at Arsenal when he was being an unstoppable genius all over the pitch.

Urgen Dorjee ud says:

He is the GOAT.

QWERTYOP80 says:

Yes. End of debate.

Leon Palmer says:

No Ronaldo is

aris doang says:

Messi is the greatest player in history of football.

Ng Pao says:

A Ronaldo fan told be something brutally honest…. He wants Messi to retire right now…!!!?

Dave Jatana says:

I don’t know if my point is making sense to some people or not. In any sport you have to get the most prestigious trophy to be called as greatest of all time.

Sir Don Bradman never won a world cup or any major trophy but still all cricket legends consider him as the greatest, Sachin Tendulkar never won a world cup in his peak career though for some people he is the greatest ( he got one in 2011). Brain Charles Lara never won a world cup but majority of people call him the best batsman ever to play the game. Considering an individual on winning team trophies is not right at all.

Jayant Sharma says:

I think ronaldo is better than messi. Just because of the leadership and attitude he brings to the game. I think messi is a better player in many ways but ronaldo's sheer ability to be phenomenal under pressure is truly what sets him apart for me.

Isak M says:

this Question is obvious nowadays

Ash Khan says:

messi is the greatest of all time and no one i don't think will ever be better than him in the history of football

nothing to see here move along says:

ronaldo is better but there isnt gonna be a player like messsi is just magician

Persian King says:

I don't know why when people talking about Messi then they want compare him to the Ronaldo this is just stupid and nonsense you can't compare anybody with Messi he is a god simple as that

Bob Bob says:

Have you noticed that all the people who say Ronaldo is better than Messi are either children or don't know anything about football for instance, I believed cr7 was better than Messi…then I grew up and realised Messi is the goat

Abcdefg32 1 says:

This should be now world wide common knowledge!! Of course he has he has been for nearly ten years now

gaana. com says:

its messis 3rd hattrick in the season 2 laliga 1 ucl… and cr7 neel… 0…

jonwthan richman says:

Purely in terms of technical quality there isn’t even an arguement

Robert Marston says:

messi is the greatest player at club level at 1 club! not international level he has done nothing with argentina! plus ronaldo has done it at 3 countries england spain and now italy! anyone else agree??

Mar Gon says:

That is a matter of opinion. CR the best for me !

Nathan Brown says:

karius is the best player of all time

Bill Zhang says:

Whoever debate this are idiots or jealous of Messi!

Bill Zhang says:

Messi is the best of the best! No debate needed!

Time Abyss says:

I see only kids in the comment section. Sad.

paulmaking1980 says:

Messi is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! Messi has long surpassed Pele & Maradona!

William Rubiano says:

What Pele did and watching him was amazing. Pele never had a team play to him, he always played for them team

William Rubiano says:

When Messi and CR7 win 3 World Cups like someone name Pele, then we can say they are the greatest players of all time or in history.

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