Top 10 Most Expensive Football Season Tickets

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Football Daily counts down the Top 10 Most Expensive Season Tickets in European football!

Source: BBC Price of Football 2014
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Fans are being mugged , big time ! Thing is Premier League clubs get so much money now from TV money – That they could easily half their prices ,or more. Greedy clubs and owners are milking it. Disgraceful and no need to charge ridiculous amounts of money for football on freezing cold winter days .

AndaBoss says:

Football in England a rip off. No wonder why the top clubs are plastic

Viswajit Nair says:

That's like buying a fucking gaming pc every year. Wtf.

Aditya Kulkarni says:

Is this a list of the most expensive season in Europe or just the English clubs?

Sharvil Jadon says:

Shit! These epl teams are greedy!

Tauseef Akhtar says:

Have you done the 10 cheapest season tickets

§aturn says:

this is nothing! Philadelphia Eagles season tickets are around $6500 (only 8 home games) and take around 20 years on the wait list to get…

Gregor Logan says:

All bpl lol

Glinteye says:

Its probably cheaper for a Brit to follow a top German club and fly out to Europe and back every week.

English Footie Highlights says:

1:53 and an iMac

Wears99 says:

I paid 105 pounds for a newcastle season ticket

Indomaveis Leitores says:

united today: more of 600 our 700 British pound

Blair Muldoon says:

Man UTD are 7th ???

Comik says:

Is it just me or are every one a bpl team?

Ethan Munro says:

My car cost 600 quid

Hazolo says:

Brighton and hove albion is £600

Alex H says:

all under-performing teams bar saints and hammers (united fan)

asdfghjk asdfghj says:

What are season tickets exactly? Are those just tickets to watch a match in the premier league?

Shardul Nikam says:

Urope or UK ??????

Eric Ho says:

is this in europe or in england?

Beth Kelly says:

As a loyal newcastle fan, i don't mind paying that too be able to go to every single newcastle game.

Brian K says:

But yet games like Arsenal vs Burnley still manage to be sold out.

Anderson Silva says:

Football is a business nowadays,
Makes me sick these footballers earning millions of pounds for 90 minutes work

Ruben Sanders says:

I thougt this were The most expensive season tickets of europe, not of Engeland!

Dawood Goga says:

Too much money just for a football match. 

Gareth Bale says:

what is season ticket?

Gareth Bale says:

what is season ticket?

ahaliba says:

Wow. All BPL teams. That's really surprising, but at the same time BPL is the most exciting league from beginning to end.

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