Who was the best player Patrick Kluivert played with at FC Barcelona? | MNF

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Patrick Kluivert joined Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football where he revealed who he thinks is the best player he played alongside at FC Barcelona.

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Mariano Alfonso says:

Ronaldinho was very very dominant, but his peak only lasted 2/3 years. His talent was out of this world, but he couldn’t maintain it. So I’d take Messi over him.

Safwan says:

Messi is a better passer, dribbler, finisher, free kick taker, creates more chances, gets more assists, scores more goals, more key passes, completes more dribbles and some people have the audacity to say Ronaldinho is better? Don’t be daft amazing player but not even top 5 best ever, the only thing Ronaldinho was better at is skills

Kiril Kirov says:

Patrick Kluivert is absolutely right. Ronaldinho is the most gifted player player ever. Behind him we can put Messi El Fenomeno-Ronaldo, CR7, Maradona Pele.

Sug S says:

IMO Rivaldo was more deadly than Ronaldinho. Both great players. Id put Figo up there – as he was incredible at Barca- different kind of player. But Rivaldo was the best.

Giedrius Grudzinskas says:

Kluivert is the reason i suport barca

Snedan Lopes says:

Surprised at his answer. I thought it's gonna be Rivaldo.?

Brian Njotsa says:

Carra and his scouser accent

Richard Were says:

Patrick Kluiverts' son Justin Kluivert is a superb attacking player for Ajax FC

Alonzo Aragón says:

Ronaldinho foi um craque total!!!

Dota 2 Pog and OMEGALUL says:

Was there even a doubt?

kamal ahmed says:

love you my kluivert. ronaldinho. he is the best player i ever seen. in footbal match.

Ivaylo Iontchev says:

Two treble winning managers in that Barca lineup – Pep and L.Enrique.

yemane Kidane says:

God bless for saying ronaldinho the best in his time

scattaman1 says:

Just take a minute to see how many world class players were in that team!!…I am happy as hell I was alive to see them killing it..el phenomenon “R9” was another that made us fell in love with this beautiful game….

Seun denloye says:

He only played with him one season

S K says:

Yeah but the main issue right now is that..

Fury got robbed

Elamin Bajramov says:

Patrick Kluivert was one a best and simpaticly player the world

Goalkeeper Tube [골키퍼튜브] says:

Patrick hi!!

sg98films says:

Do Sky Sports only talk about the bloody PL? DOES THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE RING ANY BELLS?????

Ibrahim Talks says:

Ronaldinho is the greatest player of all time! FACTS

Yankee 55 says:

Ronaldinho inspired a whole generation.

Johann Bereaux says:

Rivaldo was brilliant. I remember his frustration. He still was top scorer for Barcelona that season.

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