Barcelona weather

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Barcelona weather: think Florida with less humidity and no hurricanes. The only natural
disasters are the tourist traps.

Barcelona is humid relative to the rest of Spain which more desert-like. Barcelona is hot compared to the U.K. or northern European countries. It’s something like a mild version of

The offseason is great time to visit due to the mild winter weather. There are less tourists here and all of the service-industry workers are better rested. The beach is waaaaay less crowded. Try the offseason, fall to spring.

A couple of other ideas:
There is a small amount of surfing in the fall (due to offshore storms). It’s fun to watch.
Christmas is very beautiful in Barcelona. The weather is nice and there are lots of lights
Barcelona is not really a Holy Week (Semana Santa) town.

The golden month is April. There is light, nice weather, and the Saint George’s day celebration. This is a street-level book celebration all over the city where locals move around buying each other books and roses. Enjoy! In April, you can also see the BCN Open, professional tennis.

Finally, there are a number of interesting musical festivals in the last spring: Primavera Sound, Sonar, and Cruilla.
Seeing music is a great way to break up your travel routine.

Let’s get out and enjoy the weather.

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Liz Eli says:

Hola! Como estas? Thank you for sharing great information on all of your videos. Very informative ! I am curious to know more about what appropriate clothing would be like for the winter season in Barcelona.

Dan O´Beirne says:

This is excellent & funny! "think Florida with less humidity and no hurricanes. The only natural
disasters are the tourist traps."

James Waylon says:

Picking a time of year to visit can change your trip. Lemme know what you're thinking. Thanks

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