Atlético Madrid vs FC Barcelona – The Record Breaking Women's Football Club Match

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A world record attendance of 60,739 spectators watched ‘El Clasico Femenino’ between Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona. And Olympic Channel Reporter Nicklas Vinde was in the thick of the action.

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newmt smnwqo says:

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Anurag Sharma says:

If people are true lover of sport they must watch both men and women matches like me ! Btw my favourite woman football player is Amel Majri of France.

101yayo says:

It would be better if you just showed the highlights without the commentary.

Laura says:


maximo besignano says:

Me alegra que el deporte femenino siga creciendo

Vana Moon says:

What's with the Looney Tunes opening ?

Christen Erikson says:

I have heard a lot about this El Classico Feminino. But believe me, I haven't thought of so many fans in the stadium to come & see the women's football match. Its just amazing !!!!

Blanca G says:

So proud. Me encanta!

Jade Cummings says:

I didn't know that football club for women's too!

Agustín Gómez says:

Argentina va a tener su propia liga profesional de fútbol femenino también

Aadhil Razeem says:

Men el classico should be officially name between atletico vs barca to make it interesting
Real lacking in those matches and making it one way which getting boring

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