[HIGHLIGHTS] Barça U10 A 6-0 Real Madrid

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Villa de Posadas International Tournament Semifinals
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Mohamed Ali says:

Bárça for ever ?✌?✌?

Tsurugi IZCS says:

Juan mejor que la Argentina del 2018

Masca 05.0 says:

3 Puyol Junior ??????

BlezZ Gangmei says:

already show a future dembele here,,???

Srbenda506 says:

I want to see moms of this kids 🙂

Lithuaniaball says:

Such a nice training session, kids! Barcelona's future is safe. ??

t moche says:

They are already in the futur

Anand Rajan says:

Pls make a fcb academy in Coimbatore ,India pls…looking for some academy

Shubhang Chauhan says:

Future el classico squads

SOE OO says:


Mr. Money says:

0:10 A mi me marcan esto y yo me retiro del futbol

David Valencia says:

Little Courtois was the Goalkeeper.

Kasturi Bharvada Mukherjee says:

Just speechless ?

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