[BEHIND THE SCENES] A day in London (Chelsea – Barça)

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FC Barcelona are in London to play the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Chelsea at 8.45pm CET on Tuesday. The blaugranas travelled to the UK on Monday with Ernesto Valverde taking 21 players with him. In the video above you can watch how their first day unfolded in London. The trip to the airport from El Prat, the arrival in England, Ernesto Valverde and Ivan Rakitic’s press conferences, the training session at Stamford Bridge… Discover all this and much more with this Inside View video!

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Ur motherfucker Looser says:

Ur motherfucker looser

Star Star says:

i would faint if i see messi

Green Pillow says:

Messi run riot here in the Champions League when he was 17 years old. The first time i ever seen Messi play!

Amath Thiam says:

Good for you

TAF found says:

Come onnnnn Barcelona pickup your defense

Mariam Darman says:

L.messi is the king in the world

ghita alin stefan says:

Forca Barcelona fantastiko genio mundial MESSI copa Y Luis Suarez Pique rakitic iniesta. umtiti DEMBELE ?????⚽⚽???⚽⚽???????????????⚽⚽???VAMOS

booyah free fire says:

The next messi

Nguyen Duc Long says:

Ilove barca

جمال محمد says:

Messi you are king

lau victor says:

Did Messi see Aguero?

عصام المايسترو 1234 says:

منور ميسي

陳俊豪 says:

Can elite soccers fly economy class only?

M G says:

INSAH ALLAH …… Messiah’s family background is Syrian-Jewish 2nd generation in Rosario Argentina…is many of them in the whole Argentina…most of them hides, changes or deny their background…Messi even had a genetic doble in Iran. ?? ?? ?? not in Italy, France, Spain as they all used to say… not, most of them are JEWISH SYRIAN, IRANIAN , TURKISH, LEBANESE, ARABICS, PALESTINIANS, !!!! (nothing wrong with them just the TRUE in the whole argentine)
http://youtu.be/SpSAOekLPf8 https://youtu.be/ANQim2sxUyk

Nanda Putri says:

Vamos Chelsea?

Indian Soul says:

My dream is to play with Barca in Barca and for Barca….

Super SaiYan Blue says:

Excuse me I Want meet of Messi

juan carlos montoya acevedo says:

grupo de wa de loa hinchas del barza en Colombia. https://chat.whatsapp.com/2xUEPFZrZ9rGsR4f4J82NV fuerza yerry

Андрей Шевченко says:

Once Barcelona was invincible on his football field. Messi is the best footballer!

Rahmad Yeyen says:

Barça barça amazing

Maitreyo Das says:

Lol comments like barca will win 3-0… Barca will destroy Chelsea blah blah… Chelsea destroyed barca…messi was in kante's pocket…we are coming… Get ready to cry in camp nou

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