Barcelona News Round-up ft Messi, Suarez & Dembele Injury Recovery Updates + TRANSFERS

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Ahead of Barça’s Champions League clash with Manchester United, the fitness of Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez and Ousmane Dembélé is of high importance! Will each of the trio return from their knocks in time? There’s also the very latest on Barcelona’s negotiations with Ajax over the transfer of Matthijs de Ligt.



TalkFCB says:

It's about that time for some Barça news my friends! Let me know your thoughts as always and thanks for all of your great comments on my Messi/Argentina video yesterday, I appreciate it 🙂

Kingsley Onyesoh says:

Espanol is not supposed to be underrated, so messi and suarez are supposed to play in order to secure the three points at stake

Avais Asif says:

What’s happened to ma boi Coutinho?

Nicholas Rock says:

Dembele's doubters…..has turned into believers keep up the hard work bro…so happy for you and for the best time in the world

Gideon Kemeh says:

Messi Suarez OK I will like to see them in the derby #visca el barca

Zafar Makhmudov says:

I think Valverde deserves a credit for who Dembele has become, despite his poor behavior earlier in the season he kept faith in him.

Salim Huerta says:

Madrid wants Vinicius Hazard Mbappe and Mane lmao so basically if Mbappe starts and Hazard does too then Vinicius isn’t a CF and Mane gets the start. Madrid just goes and blatantly says fuck our current best player. No class no respect for the players they have ever. And Mbappe wants to go to Madrid I feel bad for him.

Salim Huerta says:

Mbappe wants to stay in Paris but if Barca outplay Madrid maybe he’ll want to come to Barca. I think he’s mad we chose Dembele over him. Neymar is definitely staying in Paris no one except maybe Madrid would dare pay for him when they’re unsure he can even play half of each season. Mbappe won’t know what he’s missing if he goes to Madrid.

Salim Huerta says:

Great video. The physios need to make sure Dembele doesn’t over do it. I’m glad Messi and Suarez have this time to recover. Todibo would be perfect on loan at Ajax to replace De Ligt and De Jong to some extent. De Ligt wants to be a Barca player, Ajax wants him to go to Barca, we have the offer and Todibo to bargain. I hope it closes out soon. I am hopeful this season we have every chance to get the treble. But with an amazing young team and Alba/Messi still in the squad next year we’ll be a force to reckon with.

7 says:

Love it dembele lets go babyyy!

Aminon Mavindidze says:

Dembele has changed his attitude he is growing up thanks broe

Aminon Mavindidze says:

U simply e best

RM 10 says:

When u are gonna do fifa 19 part 3?

Hazrot Ommar Pavel says:

This time, Malcom should get some much needed playing time.

drtirtha das says:

grimaldo would be the perfect back up/replacement for alba he knows the barca style and would be cheaper compared to the likes of mendy etc

Dhruv Mehta says:

Can you please talk about how we should try lenglet at the left back position with umtiti gaining his form back and probably de ligt coming soon and our need for a left back…it would be just like how pep played laporte a left back and he did an amazing job

Rahatuzzaman Fardin says:

Go for Telles

Rijo Sam says:

I really hope Valverde doesn't start Messi and Suarez against Espanyol. Maybe on the bench but not start them especially when they are coming back from a knock and the fact that Espanyol will be very physical on our players. Also we need to bring match sharpness to our entire squad especially coming to the end of the season. Hoping to see Malcolm get some time since we can't risk it with Dembouz.

Sha Regan says:

idk why people underrate tagliafico (ajax LB). Barca should get him he is perfect for us. Also he s an argentine. amazing player. he is very balanced very good on offence and defence. we can get him for a low price. instead of spending for grimaldo we can go for tagliafico.

Neiko-Shay Young says:

Any updates on neymar and Barcelona?

James Boakai says:

Barcelona is so confusing and don’t know why they can do

ArcticHype Io says:

TalkFCB i wanna know your opinion on Diego Lainez the mexican youngster… I dont know if its just me but I want him at Barça but not follow the same footsteps as the Dos Santos brothers

Aravind krishna A R says:

In my opinion , we should rest Messi against Espaniol and play Malcom. No one is catching us in the league. It's safe to rest key players

idusythdgr says:

New animations

Mavindra Ganga says:

Why do people dislike your videos

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