MEETING FOR DE LIGT! RAKITIC WON'T BE SOLD? Barcelona Transfer News | BugaLuis

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While we have new updates on another round of International matches, Barcelona has come up with very crucial rumours. A meeting for De Ligt amongst other news surrounding Ivan Rakitic.

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INANDA GATEWAY ACADEMY sphile calvin says:

Whoever is scouting for us… he is just stupid. How can we be aigning players like jovic when theres mbappe, son, kane im talling about prolific goalscorers .

INANDA GATEWAY ACADEMY sphile calvin says:

We need to play de jong along with arthur and vidal. We cant be playing with slow and lazy players in our mid if we want to win things

INANDA GATEWAY ACADEMY sphile calvin says:

I think rakitic is overrated and he is lazy. De jong is better than him

agility says:

What about coutinho

Dinesh P says:

catalonia won over Venezuela while argentina lost so we now know the quality of Argentina
it is mess of players and AFA is shit.

bausteeal says:

am I the only one who lo ve bartomeo?

Bullshit The Bullshiter says:

If Coutinho does leave we should get a genuine LW.

Bullshit The Bullshiter says:

Puig is amazing.

Ndwalu says:

What about Emerson from Brazil, I read news saying we got him on free transfer he's coming at the of the year.

John Blessed says:

Boom Rakitic is there, lol ?

Bananatar Sultan says:

Gooooooood vid

Leo Steel says:

Valverde will continue favoring rakitic over everyone, which means either Arthur or de Jong will not have minutes of playtime

Krittawat chawaldit says:

I agree that we should not sell Rakitic as much as we want to create space in our squad Rakitic is one of the best mid fielder in the world. Objectively speaking even though De jong is very talented he is not Rakitic's level and even though it will be crowed in our mid field we need to ensure quality on the pitch by having a strong bench so we can rotate our squad. Make no mistake De jong will still receive alot of game time and will be replacing Rakitic or Busquets in 2 or 3 seasons. I dont think we should sell vidal because he have been an amazing situational sub so if we really need to create some space loaing Alena to Ajax for a year is probably the best solution because Although Alena is very talented he is still young and inexperience at this level of football. He still make mistakes and is not as reliable as other players we have, so sending him Ajax for a year is a good option

Rockwildaz Family says:

I think both Todibo & Riqui Puig should go to Ajax on 1-2 yr loan. We could even hold them to be part of pre-season and then go to Ajax. Having Pique, Umtiti, Lenglet & De Ligt as CB is simply perfect. IF needs be, we can bring in someone from Barça B. Midfield is a big issue, it will most likely be Busquets & De Jong rotating, but then there is Rakitic, Vidal, Arthur, Aleña (who should not go on loan). Don't forget summer Gomes, Denis AND Rafinha should be returning unless Everton buys Gomes. Forward is fine, Messi, Suarez, Coutinho, Dembele, Malcom & hopefully Jovic. Coutinho should NOT be sold, Neymar & Dembele had a difficult year adapting, Coutinho's last game he should even me how it's possible for him to play on the wing, just don't play as a winger and leave that to Alba. On to Alba, we should buy back Grimaldo though he doesn't want to play backup, but he can play all Cup games and some League games! But if Coutinho is sold, it's to fund purchases but if we can offload Gomes, Denis & unfortunately Rafinha at even 12mil each, we should be fine.

Aldonis Ambel says:

R.puig too ajax with todibo for one or two year on loan wil be very nice for them than come back when rakitic busquets vidal left the club they got them space too play

Anisuzzaman Tomal says:

i really love rakitic he deserves to stay

RealWalt GAMEZ says:

Best come out of the meeting with Ajax is Loan Deal with Todibo, Buying De Ligt, and getting a partnership

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