Team Nike VS Team Adidas – FIFA 18 Experiment

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Today it’s time for another FIFA 18 experiment video as we put a team of the finest Nike footballing superstars to the test up against a side of the best Adidas athletes. Which brand is endorsed by the most talented players? Let’s find out!

To add an extra level of edge to the battle; the Nike athletes will be on the Barcelona roster, whilst Real Madrid will be representing the Adidas athletes, putting an El Clásico spin on proceedings as the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos as Nike athletes join Barcelona, whilst Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez will be hoping to get the job done as Real Madrid players.

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Ngalim Vianney says:

F••ck U

Alex pump says:

Adidas is best

erick Garcia says:

Do the all stars mexican league vs mls all stars

Mayar Computer says:


Dipesh Bajgain says:

First time i supported real

Doniyorbek Nozimov says:

Suárez is puma

dk shrik says:

Do best puma players vs new balance

RobieFN says:

STUPID FIFA isn't always right it's luck it's just a game bro

Ami Pandey says:

can you do team premier league vs team la liga

Celine Irwin says:

Make all transfer roomers happen

AMU says:

People in Hong Kong pronounce Nike as "Nikee" so much that they actually think it should be pronounced that way.

Vibrant Kitty says:

Best La Liga players vs best Bundesliga players

coolbro star says:

Gk de gea ?

samjdavies says:

Gareth Bale is traaaaaaaash

THE ZAA says:

Silva uses puma

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