Top 10 Most SHOCKING FIFA 18 Ratings!

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ragazzo1312 says:

William Carvalho is better than Dembele all day.

Victor Siwaphiwe says:

Kanté deserves his rating

Daron Wiafe says:

you guys are something else

Gmee says:

I don't agree with u about Kante…

Alfie Campbell says:

How can you Liverpool fans say that keita deserves a higher card than 83 when you haven't even seen him play

Der echte Elch says:

Wheres Müller??
He is the most unterrated Player in the World he had deserved at least 88 or even 89 but 86/85 is Not enough

RDopey 03 says:

The whole EA rating system is a joke. Apparently ronaldo is better than Messi

RJ Gameing says:

messi is 93 because he supports pes

0 0 says:

rakatic is now going to be 89 or 90 rating now

Han Nare says:

Kante is deserved the titles speak for them selves casemiro is low cos there's modric kovacic and Kroos are all at real that's why

General Kunta says:

if you’re listening to number 2 (CR7) and realised how much of an ass this guy sounds like after Ronaldo’s highlight reel of a season. Since 2015 cr7 has proved he’s head and shoulders above everyone. Before that it was Messi from 09 -14. Why aren’t any English players on this lol

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