Retro Review: 1992-1995 FC Barcelona Home Jersey by Kappa [4K]

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Mehmet Ayaz says:

One question…..which size is it….an if you put it on is it bigger than it says or smaller…so for the size standards of to today….and yeah i am 3 years late haha

Remkye Henriquez says:

Found out i have that shirt, not as in good condition as that one, mine is missing both emblems, the kappa and barca shield

laleyoriginal says:

Great review! I have a question what's the difference between Kappa Gara and Kappa Homologat?

franscisco jr says:

tenho uma dessa 🙂

Edward Girard Flores says:

Retro reviews are awesome!

I Q8i Slayer says:

Can you make a vid wearing the full 2015/16 home and away kit of Barcelona

SOMISEREM1899 says:

Where do you buy the jerseys?

Vince says:

every time good vid from you

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