Highlights of FC Barcelona training session in the Arsenal Stadium

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Huggy Bear says:

In the thumbnail Henry is pointing to where most of Martin Keowns efforts on goal ended up

Tauqeer Ahmad says:


santiago garcia macedo says:

Estos weyes son bien bergas

sangeeta sharma says:

Messi train like a boss

AV Football says:

sub on my channel pls

Preferred Stock says:

Thierry Henry sucking dick!

David Blackburn says:


hüseyin kahya says:

4ccctdrrrdc cgvftttrrrfrf. v. gggh

Sandeep Singh says:

I love messi

Rahman says:

1:38 Is that the guy from Game of Thrones?

David Hernandes says:

grande messi un día como voz idolo

Fode Diané says:

Messi is the best

Tijd voor Koen says:

Messi is the best player in the world

krialaison 01 says:

ONe real Gooner , Thierry Henry

Michel Alexis says:

Do they always train like that??!!
This is sick!! Unbelievable, planets strongest football team training is so fun!!!

محمد نازيف ناجمودين says:

When even a training video make you smile..

Marcos Silva says:

Que nervosismo hein kkkk

Mohamed Moheb says:

l love Barcelona

Mohamed Moheb says:

l love Barcelona

kab lake says:

FCB current Squad is DREAM TEAM for me

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