Lionel Messi Cheeky Free Kick Goal ⚽ Barcelona Vs Espanyol 2-0 ⚽ 2019 HD #Messi

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StefanoBolis96 says:

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B.K lala says:

How many free kicks has Messi scored in his career ?

forza juventus says:

100% a own goal…

Vic Rattlehead says:

He pulled Maradona freekick vs Juventus

Victor Epée says:

I didn't know slowing time is one of his skills. Slow mo shot!!!

Jay Cooper says:

That's actually ridiculous

Daniel Moctezuma says:

What is wrong with that goal keeper?

Tahsin Tasnim says:

Paneka free kick, he is creating new records everyday.
Not bad for a fifth best player.

bidrohi mon says:

When I get older,
I will be stronger. ❤

Psycha Delia says:

How the fuck is this a panenka? It's just a normal and extremely accurate and well placed shot.

Edison Cavani says:

Iste kör olanlara bir kapak daha.bukadar.gelmis gecmis en kral futbolcu…tek basina bir takimdir bu adam…gerisi fasa fisodur…okadar .boynuma dolayayim baba

Aman Yadav says:

More than 40 goals till now this season Just give this man year's ballondor already

Sharad Mohip says:

5th best player

Manoj Singh says:

God of football

Kaushik Das says:

I saw this live now and I was like…..whaaaa .. ??? touched by God this season..Messi is awesome this season. Magic.

GB Football says:

Messi il s'en bat tellement les couilles XD

Moussa Ranem says:

Les gardiens c d bite aussi

FF inconito says:

Le gardien c est le roi des cons wesh il es carrément collé à son poteau gauche ??????

HD Clan says:

Who is else live on this film

خالد خالد says:

Ronaldo better

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