AS Roma 3-0 Barcelona – Goals and Match Highlights 2001/2002

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UCL 2001/2002: AS Roma 3-0 FC Barcelona – All Goals and Full Highlights


Raman O. says:

You can't compare roma with Barcelona
roma is a shit team

luna and tymoor says:

its due time.

apantaloni says:

i bei tempi…..

ElgestDervishi says:

eeeeeee bei tempi! Chi cazzo riesce a fare 3 gol al barcelona adesso?

احمد جبارين says:

فورزا روما

Abo Fahad says:

روما افضل نادي في العالم

Yazen Tam says:


Shawn Davids says:

@Tumaq1 Barcelona are a great club, arguably the greatest in the world today though. No doubt about that. peace

Shawn Davids says:

@Tumaq1 Roma was NOT a European Powerhouse before Barca, and it still really isn't nor has it been, but time may change this. You see it's all about money and ambition. Roma haven't had either through their entire history bare the 2000 era. Last season the new ambitios owners spent nearly 80m euro, that kind of money Roma never had the luxury of spending in one single transfer market. team is young, the coach is young. Everything is new. Roma will in 2-3 years be amongs d best in d world.

Shawn Davids says:

@Tumaq1 no they weren't….sorry for that mistake….what i meant was that Roma is a great club despite not achieving much. They are my favourite team, and I support this club no matter what and annoys me when people call the club small or crap….AS Roma is not a small club, nor is it a shit club..ANd to correct myself:.Roma surely not amongs the world's greatest clubs, but it's not that far behind. peace friend 🙂

Tumaq1 says:

that's a great joke…thank u for making me smile

AyouB Leo says:

Visca Barca <3 But all My respect to as rOma my Favorite Team In italy ^^ 2 great Teams

no clue jutsu says:

the build up to tomassi's goal was epic
i love it

oefkkfe says:

@interoma4evr why is that ?? pleas explain =))

Shawn Davids says:

@oefkkfe on a second note…you might be right…Roma haven't won much in Europe, only they come was close was in 1984 when they lost the European Cup (now Champions League) final to Liverpool on penalties….but yeah ROma is not really a European Powerhouse, they are in Italy, but this is going to change soon though. A city like Rome deserves to have a Great European team… Forza ROMA

Shawn Davids says:

@oefkkfe Roma was a European Powerhouse before Barcelona was

oefkkfe says:

@interoma4evr again ? i never seen roma as a european powerhouse !! they were in italy but not europe

Shawn Davids says:

ROMA is gonna be A EUROPEAN POWERHOUSE soon again…LETS wait till next serason with new American-Italian owners they are finally gonna spend some cash.

dagsnreds says:

@guybeckenstein haha roma is the best team in the world
Barca iss nothing!!!

Mohsin Elbouchtaoui says:

olè olè olè roooooooma for ever and never

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