Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid 2-0 All Goals & Extended Highlights / Resumen y Goles – 2019 HD

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Nancy de Volder says:

Costa was lucky. Should have been sent off in minute 7' already.

Daniel Zou says:

I am waiting when Messi will retire after that Barca will be shit

Kha_lis 53 says:

As a United fan,I'm worried

Hazwan Irfan Khairi says:

love the commentators…… superb….

Ziidan Yazid says:

Ole gunnar watching

John Blessed says:

Messi had the defense dancing them popped it in the corner of the net ?

John Blessed says:

That goal from Suarez was hot fire ????

John Blessed says:

Diego Costa is his own worst enemy, lol ?

Rowland Page says:

I would like to say mezdi is proving difficult to deal with and Coutinho is back in form

MrJoromekiq1 says:

Wow! What a strike, Suarez!

maddbwoy says:

What did Costa do?

Puyam ningthem singh says:


Mikel 3plh says:

“That mans team” they trying Manchester United?

Vanet voann says:

fucking moron it's not hd a big dislike

saad gamer10 says:

MESSI ???????????KINGE

Sam Ogbadu says:

Suarez is a mystery. Just when you think he's finished, the magic returns at the perfect time

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